Pineapple Print & Glitter! 13 Pairs of Keds Adorable at Any Age

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Remember when you were a kid and you had a big day at school coming up and you knew exactly what you were going to wear from the hair accessories down to your sneakers? You were so excited you couldn't sleep the night before as your outfit lay at the foot of your bed for the next morning. If only you had our Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases back then. hehe
We pretty much ignored Keds since we were kids. Taylor Swift's 2014 campaign with Keds couldn't even convince us to order a pair. But when we saw the new 2016 designs, were were reliving our childhood all over again and seriously wanting a pair to rock for a Memorial Day BBQ, date night and all summer long running errands around town. We want a pair for us, our mom and our daughters!

Welcome to the slumber party! It's time to talk casual summer footwear so check these out...


Date Night in Glitter!

You know when you have nothing to wear to grab a quick bite with your hubby or maybe you're on a first date? Throw on a pair of these glittery Keds with a black romper or skinny jeans and a simple white tank and you'll look perfectly polished for a casual date night anywhere!


Late Night Flirting at the Amusement Park!

The carnival comes to town a few times a year and while funnel cake and caramel corn might not be on our swimsuit diet this Spring, there is truly nothing that reminds us being a kid more than a night at the fair. Wear any of these Amusement Park printed Keds (loving the lip ones) with a denim shirt dress or a high-waisted pair of Levi's. Accessorize with a snowcone, screams on the SuperSlide and warm summer giggles.


Afternoon on the Beach

'I like long walks on the beach, apple pie, Amaretto Sours and crisp white sneakers that go with everything!' Ok, whatever the list to describe yourself in the online dating world might be, white sneakers are one of those wardrobe staples that go with every outfit in the summer. We also love these Keds because they're comfortable and because they're cut low revealing your ankle they actually elongate legs, unlike high-top sneakers.


Backyard Picnic Chic

Ok, the bubblegum pink and Pineapple print pairs have us singing 'School's Out for Summer' and we're not even in school anymore. They would be so cute with any off-the-shoulder top and jeans!


Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend! Shop Your Favorite Keds Here.






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