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Cupcakes n' Crunches

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We were so excited when Ashley of Cupcakes n' Crunches featured us on her amazing blog. If you love sweets, but still want to stay in shape, check out Cupcakes n' Crunches.


Here is what Ashley had to say about Savvy Sleepers

'I know this one might sound strange but about a year ago, I bought one of these satin pillowcases and I love it! You know how sometimes you wake up in the morning and you have those lines on your face from your pillow? Well, I never get those with this pillow case. And I think it helps keep my hair smoother while I sleep because when I wake up (assuming I didn’t go to bed with ratty hair), my hair is still in good shape and it isn’t frizzy and my curls are still totally in tact.'

'Savvy Sleepers claims that their pillowcases can help prevent long-term wrinkles from creases that are typically made on your face night-after-night from sleeping on a bad pillow case. Obviously, at some point we are all going to get wrinkles – it is unavoidable, but I do like the idea of possibly slowing down the process and if nothing else this satin pillowcase is so gosh-darn comfortable – it reminds me of a pillowcase I would lay on in a super swanky hotel! After reading so many rave reviews about it, I caved and bought it and was pretty skeptical but after sleeping on it for a year, I’m a believer!'

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