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How To Extend Your Blowout All Weekend?

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For long weekends or traveling, you want hair that looks good for days. Don't waste time fussing with a hair dryer while you could be relaxing or exploring! Here's how SavvyBritt made her blowout last 4 days!
Day 1. Find a blowout bar near you (Blo Blow Dry Bar has 65+ locations- Click Here) or ask your hairstylist if they can give you one. SavvyBritt and her BFF went to Blo on Union Street in San Francisco Saturday. In 45 minutes they had beautiful blowouts using Unite products.
Blo Union St
Night 1. Sleep on Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases & Crease-less hair ties- Satin pillowcases are ultra smooth so hair glides over the pillowcase and wont tangle! Style a loose high-ponytail with crease-less hair ties to help keep curls in place.  
Day 2. Comb your fingers through your hair, and use a tiny bit dry shampoo at the roots if needed. Your hair should still have volume!
Day 3. Dry Shampoo & Style- Your hair may need a little TLC to pump up the volume today. Use dry shampoo at the roots, and comb your fingers through to release any tangles. You can use a curling iron to fix any flattened curls, or rock the relaxed wave. 
Day 4. Time to wear your hair up! A touch more dry shampoo, and a good brush though should leave your hair smooth. Today is a day for a high ponytail to show off the remaining wave.
Try it this weekend & Tag us on social media! @SavvySleepers
How many days can you make your blowout last?

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  • Kendall Ryder: September 22, 2016

    Sleeping on a satin pillow case is such a good idea to keep your blowout looking fresh! That way you won’t have to worry about it frizzing up from all of the friction of a regular pillow case. It would be nice to extend your blowout as long as possible to show off those nice curls and waves!

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