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3 Cool Hairstyles for Wine Tasting on a Hot Day

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Winetasting can be an adventure as you sip, nibble, and soak the views of breathtaking vineyards. While the cellars are chilled, temps can rise (especially in Napa & Sonoma) to nearly 100 degrees in the summer. Here's a few foolproof hairstyles to keep you feeling chic while you sip away the afternoon. Our first suggestion if you're leaving for a long weekend in wine country is a blow out at your favorite salon which is what we did above. Here's our top 3 Secrets to Extend your Blowout!
And now here's 2 more tips from Sonia David, Lead Stylist at DreamDry, so you can easily create 'beat-the-heat' styles at home: 

Why it's Cool?
A Messy Fishtail is modern and chic while keeping your hair in front of your face, but still off your neck for those steamy afternoons in Napa. (model pic via DreamDry)


How To Details:
'A fishtail braid can be intimidating, so for beginners I suggest sticking to a regular braid with added texture. Start by teasing your roots for volume at your crown. Gently secure hair into a low ponytail with a hair tie,' says the DreamDry lead stylist. 


Next, 'braid your ponytail all the way to the bottom securing in place with an additional hair tie. Lastly, separate pieces of the braid for an effortless, undone look!'

Why It's Cool?
Save high ponytails for the cheerleaders and go with a more sophisticated low pony which is chic at any age (and can be done easily with extensions if you have shorter hair). The braid adds a youthful twist to look extra chic in the wine cellars.
How to Details:
'You can create this look with hair that’s straight or wavy, by taking a section of hair at the crown. Create a French braid that wraps around the front of your head and stopping at the nape of your neck.'
'Secure the braid with a hair tie, leaving just enough hair at the end. Pull back your remaining hair into a low ponytail securing in place with a hair tie. Finish off the look by taking the end piece of your braid (remove the hair tie that’s holding it in place) and wrap the end around your ponytail to hide the elastic hair tie and secure with a bobby pin!,' says Sonia David. (model pic via DreamDry)
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