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Silk vs. Satin Pillowcases - Which Pillowcase Should You Choose?

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Is Satin Better than Silk?
If you have been looking at silk vs satin pillowcases, you may be confused as to which is 'better?' They seem to offer similar benefits, and to be honest most people couldn’t tell you the difference between the two types of fabric. Above is our NEW! Royal Teal shade of Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases. The highest quality satin pillowcases with the *Bonus secret pocket established in San Francisco in 2012 and now based in Dallas, Texas.
However, satin and silk are indeed different, and for most people in most situations, satin is better than silk when it comes to pillowcases, for a few specific reasons:
  • Lower Cost – First and foremost, look at the price of silk vs satin pillowcases. You’ll find that in nearly all instances, the satin pillowcases will be significantly lower cost than silk ones often with the same high quality anti-aging benefits depending on the quality of the satin.
  • Budget-Friendly - Plus, you will save time with the easy care handling of satin, saving you quite a bit of money and precious hours without losing out on the benefits. Savvy Sleepers pillowcase fibres are made from a unique polyester (synthetic) that is more durable than silk and extremely soft and smooth.
  • Satin Is VEGAN! Although satin by definition is a 'weave,' if a satin fabric is made from synthetic materials it is vegan while silk is made from silk worms and not vegan.
  • Easier Cleaning – Another reason satin is better than silk when it comes to pillowcases is the fact that most satin is machine-washable, while silk requires hand washing or dry cleaning unless you want to end up damaging it. We have talked to so many customers who have bought $70 silk pillowcases only to find them destroyed after a couple washes in the 'delicate' cycle.
  • The Style of Your Home – Silk can look ultra-shiny and the slippery fabric can slide off your pillows throughout the night. Satin is more durable without looking overly feminine. Silk may not blend in with the particular style of your home, but luxury satin can be ultra smooth while having a matte appearance seamlessly integrating with the décor of your room. High quality satin has a far more modern look and feel in the home than traditional silk.
  • Greater Elasticity – Last but not least, silk is inelastic, while satin has a bit of play in it. When it comes to pillowcases, this matters, as they will often get stretched out during normal use. Satin is better and stronger than silk because you have a lower chance of ruining the pillowcase accidentally. Our Savvy Sleepers are so smooth, people have asked if they are infused with aloe. They are not. We use the highest quality polyester satin and have been sold worldwide for over 6 years.
When it comes to silk vs satin pillowcases, do yourself a favor and pick up a set of Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases. You can shop our full collection below. You’ll save money and experience the associated beauty benefits as well.

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