Christie Brinkley's Secret to Beautiful Healthy Hair

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 When you think of ageless beauties, Christie Brinkley is at the top of the list. The 61-year-old supermodel was interviewed last year by Harper's Bazaar and shared the secret to her beautiful hair and then last week on the Howard Stern show where she stunned in a skin-tight leather pencil skirt. But back to her hair. Hint: It's not all natural.

'When I was starting out in the business, my hair was so thick I could barely wrap a rubber band around it, but with each pregnancy it became thinner,' Brinkley said. Rather than accepting thinner locks, Christie tried extensions instead. 'It's never returned to what it once was, which is why I clip in my Hair2wear extensions when when I go out; they instantly give me thicker hair.'
Hair extensions are an industry standard in Hollywood and women who have always wanted longer or thicker hair at any age, can feel more confident with their new hairstyle, especially if they have thinning hair or hair loss.
pic via DailyMail with Ronnie the Limo Driver from Howard Stern
Christie was just a guest on the Howard Stern show last week looking better than ever spilling her secrets to staying in shape. She talked about growing up being a tomboy on the beaches of Malibu, CA before moving to Paris, France and becoming one of the world's most famous models. She is on tour this month promoting her new book 'Timeless Beauty' with her secrets to looking her best at age 61.
Our Hair Extension Tips!
Just remember to pamper your real hair when you're extension-free and never sleep in clip-in extensions. Also, try to apply them in slightly different sections of your hair day to day in order to reduce too much damage in one spot. We'll share more in our next post and sleeping on satin pillow cases is also ultra-soft to allow your hair to relax and reduce friction to protect it from damage and breakage while you sleep.
PS - All this Christie Brinkley talk has us thinking about National Lampoon's. Almost time for 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation' marathons! Woohoo!

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