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Kim Kardashian's In-Flight Beauty Sleep with her Satin Pillowcase

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From Ibiza to snoozeville, Kim Kardashian knows how to travel in style without skimping on her beauty sleep. The star was spotted by the Daily Mail arriving into LAX after celebrating with Kanye in Ibiza.
Rather than Northwest in her arms, Kim K. was toting a large satin pillow case. Sleeping with airline pillows are not not only uncomfortable and full of germs; the stiff cotton is much harsher on delicate facial skin causing sleep wrinkles as you're pressed up against the plane. Not too mention how drying the air already is for hair & skin.
Here's why our 'Black Truffle' satin pillow case is ideal for travel and no added zipper is needed, unlike Kim's.

1. Our pure 100% satin is ultra-smooth on the outside, but textured on the inside so it will not slip off your pillow. 
2. The 'Black Truffle' shade won't get dirty while you travel unlike typical white pillow cases.
3. The Secret Pocket. Every Savvy Sleepers has a secret pocket ideal for your valuables, headphones, hair ties, or mints while you catch up on your beauty sleep flying. 
4. No time for dry-cleaning on the go, Savvy Sleepers are machine washable. (delicate cold/tumble dry low)
5. Our luxe satin is ultra-soft and soothing for skin which can become especially irritated while traveling on planes or sleeping in hotels with stiff cotton pillow cases.
6. You can rest assured your skin is on the highest quality satin to protect it whether you're sleeping 2 hours on a plane or getting a full night's sleep.
Questions/Comments/Pillow Talk? Check us out on twitter and instagram @SavvySleepers. Check out our Savvy Sleepers 'Black Truffle' luxe satin pillow case in travel mode pictured below with our secret pocket. (mints/product shot/earplugs)
Cheers to a summer of beauty sleep!


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