Why Sleep on Satin Pillow Cases?

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Satin pillow cases are smoother for skin preventing AM facial creases that can lead to permanent wrinkles and help prevent split ends or hair breakage while you sleep, but not all satin pillow cases are created equal. If you've ever searched online for 'Satin or Silk Pillow Cases' you will come across a wide variety of low quality products. How annoying is it to order a product online based off a photo only to be sadly disappointed when you open it at home? Low quality polyester satin blends tend to be very light-weight and look ultra-shiny. They may slip right off your pillow case or feel cheap and irritating against your skin. 

Here is what makes Savvy Sleepers luxury satin so special: 



THE SATIN - Our 100% pure polyester satin pillowcases are smoother for hair and skin with the secret patent-pending pocket for hair ties, love notes, jasmine, etc. Savvy Sleepers are both Anti-aging for hair and skin + dermatologist recommended for preventing wrinkles. Hair stylists and blow dry bars love them for preventing hair breakage. Our satin has a soothing matte finish with the highest standard of quality stitching in unisex shades that provide the same benefits to our delicate facial skin. Our satin has been compared to a 'Nightly Spa Treatment' for hair and skin. (pictured above - Nappuccino)



SAVVY SLEEPERS ARE HYPOALLERGENIC - Savvy Sleepers satin pillow cases have been tested on highly sensitive skin and were found to be less irritating for our testers suffering from Rosacea, Eczema, and acne. Especially for our clients using Accutane medication or Retin-A who found our satin soothing compared to rough cotton pillow cases which can be highly uncomfortable to sleep on all night when undergoing Accutane treatment. (Pictured Above - 'Pinot Greige' Savvy Sleeper)


SATIN PILLOW CASE CARE - Many satin pillow cases are not durable and silk often must be washed by hand or dry cleaned. Savvy Sleepers are machine washable saving you time with our easy care instructions. Machine Wash cold – Tumble dry low or air dry. To maintain your Savvy Sleeper best, we recommend the Delicate cycle. (Pictured Above 'Black Truffle' Savvy Sleeper)


SATIN PILLOW CASE SHADES & SIZES - Savvy Sleepers satin pillow cases come in 2 sizes - both standard and king with European sizes available in our Wine Country Collection. We specialize in providing the richest sexy shades of satin to seamlessly integrate with your bedroom. Every Savvy Sleeper has a secret stash pocket inside and our new collection is branded with the Savvy logo. Our signature 'Luxe Collection' is available in 3 rich shades - 'White Russian,' 'Nappuccino,' and 'Black Truffle' and our new 'Wine Country Collection' is available in 3 Limited Edition Shades - 'Vintage Rosé,' 'Zinfully Blue' and 'Pinot Greige' (pictured above) 


PACKAGING & PROMISE - Savvy Sleepers are satisfaction guaranteed because we truly want you to sleep better. Each Savvy Sleeper is wrapped in our custom tissue and card of authenticity, sealed with our branded trademark sticker and mailed to you USPS priority in our gift box with signature pillow mints. Enjoy! (pictured above - our new Vintage Rosé).


If you have any questions or would like more info on our luxury blend of satin, please email
Let's Sleep Better! 

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  • Sharon Bryant: July 31, 2018

    I was checking out and seen that there was a discount block, so I was wondering if you had any discounts!!! Thank you Sharon Bryant

  • Melissa C.: March 15, 2015

    Is Satin better than silk for aging or about the same?

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