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To Trim or Not to Trim? What You Need to Know About Lifeless Winter Hair

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Brrrr! Is it chilly in your city? It's definitely cold here in Zurich and the Alps are already covered in fresh powder. This week, I realized that after nearly 6 months, it was time for a hair trim. After a hot iron session that went a bit too long on top of a summer of overzealous blond highlights, it was time for a trim. My hair always feels a bit more brittle when the temps are frigid, so we made our first visit to Pedro Sanchez Boutique Coiffeur! But first, take a look at the damage...

Pic via our style blog Savvy Spice
It's easy to go a few extra months without a trim when you can hide any split ends with hair extensions which I was doing here as my real hair is about shoulder length. But after a bad hair day and holding the flat iron too long on my bangs, I caused instant breakage and had a static mess. Check up the close up below to see the real frizz...

Winter Hair Warning! According to 'to prevent hair damage during all seasons, you should avoid excessive blow drying, chemical processing, dying or perming your hair. Comb wet hair with a wide bristled comb and try to minimize brushing while blow drying your hair.'
The article states that 'cold windy weather can increase hair static and dryness, causing hair to be more prone to breakage, ultraviolet rays from the sun can be even more damaging.' Here's what you can do to protect it...

'Damaged, dull hair can, however, be temporarily repaired through the use of conditioners that mend the damaged hair shaft, increasing shine and smoothing split ends. Trimming split ends frequently can also make the hair appear healthier.' And that's exactly what we did this week at Pedro Sanchez with our amazing stylist, Frances! They carry amazing hair masks and she trimmed my hair perfectly to start fresh for winter. We'll reveal the cut next week. Thanks for the recommendation by My Girlfriend Guide to Zurich.
If you've had a trim lately, it's a great idea to use hair masks weekly during the harsh winter months and sleep on our luxe satin pillow cases to prevent further breakage and hair loss while you sleep! 
Dale Janée
CEO Savvy Sleepers

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