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The Superbowl Party

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Here's our TOP 4 'Superbowl Sunday' Party Hacks for 2015!

This Sunday the New England Patriots will take on the Seattle Seahawks! If you're not into the teams, we can probably all agree that watching for the sake of commercials 'everyone will be talking about' the next day, and the half-time show will have us sucked onto the sofa in no time.

1. Hello Sea Salt!

Sea salt is like table NaCl on steroids! We love it and your Super Bowl party wouldn't be complete without addicting apps and a buffet of calorie-packed snacks.

These homemade tater tots above with sea-salt by blogger Cupcakes & Cashmere look so addicting. 

Or if you're still looking for more, here's Sea Salt Appetizers by Martha Stewart with recipes for Vodka Infused Cherry Tomatoes and Roasted Edamame with Sea Salt. Our mouth is watering already.

2. Create a Beer Sampler 

Instead of an ice-box stocked with Coors Light, how about a little beer tasting sampler to get the afternoon started? Pair it with different appetizers and if you're curious about the battle of the breweries this Superbowl Sunday (Boston breweries vs. Seattle breweries) check out this article about which 'Draft' beer you should pick depending on the city.  Bottoms up. pic via

3. A Truffle Touchdown

How about homemade pizzas for Superbowl Sunday with truffle oil? Here's a simple recipe for Truffled Taleggio and Mushroom Pizza

4. The Modern Girls' Guide to the Gridiron

We'll admit it, there was a time the only 'rule' we knew about football was 'laces out' thanks to Ace Vnetura in the 90's. Thankfully there's a new book on the market to help by freelance sports journalist, Vanessa-Franchesca Castro.

She just released her first book; The Modern Girls’ Guide to the Gridiron: A comprehensive guide to the game for burgeoning sportswriters or aficionados of the sport of any sex.' 

Here's just a bit of what you'll learn:
  • Decoding Sports Talk: Top 5 football terms every woman should know
  • The Changing Sports Fan Base: Debunking the myth that only men are interested in football (45% of NFL viewers are women)
  • How to survive football season if you’re not a fan, but your significant other is
  • The worlds “manliest” sports and its histories, traditions and scandals through the eyes of a female reporter
  • The perfect guide for mothers trying to learn more about the sport as they support their sons and fathers trying to relate their love of the sport to their daughters. To order, click here.

     Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday and Katy Perry's performance at Half-time. We can't wait! 


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