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Interview with Cheryl Burke of 'Dancing with the Stars'

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We met Cheryl Burke on 'Dancing with the Stars' and she was always one of our faves - spray tan, glittery gowns and all! PS - Season 20 of 'Dancing with the Stars' starts on March 20th on ABC - full line up here.

From her moves on the dance floor to her in-shape bod season after season, it seems like a natural fit that she's made the leap into the world of fitness attire. Cheryl is debuting her new line of work-out line called Cee Bee (so cute) and we had the chance to interview the dance pro about her new line.

We interviewed the dancing pro, who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, last week about Cee Bee and her top fitness tips to get in shape this summer and for life...

Q. You've been an athlete and dancer all your life so you understand the difference between good and bad fitting active wear, what makes your line unique compared to others?

Cheryl - ‘Cee Bee’ is unique because it has the 2 tones, color blocking and elements desired for active wear at a much better price. We have a wider selection of sizes than a lot of active wear lines so it fits all body types! You can wear this line anywhere and feel comfortable and stylish while doing so.

Q. You're from San Francisco where we are also based. What are a few of your favorite spots in the city to work out or just grab a bite?

Cheryl - I’m actually from a little outside the city, more of a suburb to San Francisco! I left at a young age because of dancing but when I was there I went to Imperial Dance Club to practice. I used to also go to Starlite Dance Studio and now my mother and I have taken it over and currently it’s Cheryl Burke Dance.

Q. You are in such great shape and we're huge fans of your dancing, do you have any tips or courses you could recommend for someone inspired by Dancing with the Stars who has never danced before?

Cheryl - Always stay as active as you can! Also, I’ve found that eating breakfast daily and not eating after 7 PM has really helped keep me consistently healthy. It’s all about portion control. Everyone’s bound to break all these different diets so I would stick to eating rationed portions throughout the day and trying not to eat too much at night!

Q. What are some of your favorite pieces or outfits to wear from your collection?

CheryI - I really like the two toned items because they trim down your waist and thighs. The three quarter pants in black are great as well because you can mix and match them with anything! I also love the jacket’s detailed collar and pockets.

See the full Cee Bee collection here and special thanks to Cheryl for the interview. We love great fitness attire just as much as we love comfy PJ's before we hit the hay on our luxury satin pillow cases.
Sweet Dreams!

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