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Why You Should Travel with Your Own Pillow Case

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When you travel, it's important that you feel comfortable and getting the best night's sleep isn't always as easy as it seems despite the hotel's accommodations. Hence why so many luxury hotels have now developed specialized pillow menus from plume, Ergonomic, to orthopedic. But what about the actual surface where you lie your face touching a linen that has been slept on by thousands of guests before you? Sometimes it's comforting to know your delicate facial skin and hair is on your own pillow case.

The best advice we can give is to make yourself feel like you are at home.

1. Hotel linens which are often bleached and stiff can be especially harsh on your skin and hair - especially if you're used to sleeping on Savvy Sleepers. Pack your own pillow case! Savvy Sleepers are travel friendly and machine washable. Even Kim Kardashian travels with her satin pillow case.

2. Make sure to always pack your own hair dryer or schedule a blow out in the city you're staying because hotel blow dryers are often low quality or may be old which can actually damage your hair. We love the Chi brand and the travel kit below.

3. Always bring mini containers of your face wash, shampoo, conditioner and face cremes, especially if you have sensitive skin. Depending on where you travel, water levels and harsh soaps can really irritate your skin when all you're looking for is a glowing complexion for those hashtag 'Travel' posts on instagram.

4. Pamper your skin on the road with one of our favorites by Murad. If you're staying in a hotel, one of our favorite things to do is cuddle up in the bathrobe reading or watching the local news (if you're in a city you've never been before) and sipping coffee. Treat yourself to an in-room and budget friendly facial. We have used the Intensive-C Radiance Peel for over a year and love it. After 10 minutes, the masque leaves a slight tingly feeling (but not too harsh for sensitive skin) and will leave your skin feeling like you just went down to the spa.

5. Stay hydrated! Drink as much water as you can and always hit up a corner store to stock up on bottled water so you don't end up sipping bad tap water or splurging on $8 bottles of Fugi at midnight. Drink as much water as you can to help keep your skin looking hydrated. Plus, dehydration only makes jet lag worse. We also recommend traveling everywhere from in-flight to your destination this summer with a pure H20 facial spray.


Here's a couple testimonials we received recently from women traveling with their Savvy Sleepers satin pillow cases.

'I never sleep without my Savvy Sleepers, even on vacation. I bring my Savvy Sleepers along to reduce the frizzies and prevent face creases. I own both the White Russian and Vintage Rosé colors but bring the pink with me when I travel so I don’t accidentally leave it behind.' - Adrienne Rich Life on a Budget (See her top 10 Travel Essentials Here)

'This is the first time I'm traveling with my own pillow case, and I really like that (especially in cheaper motels).' - Marlen (She sent us the actual photo in this post with her European size Pinot Greige Savvy Sleeper)

Cheers to your Summer Travel!



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