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Slumber Party Travel Tips! How to Stay Budget Savvy on Your Next Euro Trip

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Heading to Europe this summer? We have a few tips to help you stay within your budget as much as possible. Never feel guilty splurging on a croissant though and remember to bring your Savvy Sleepers travel size satin pillowcase which will help protect your hair, skin and lashes by air, train and sea. Here's a few more tips before your say Ciao to home and hello Europe!
**If you're always forgetting your Savvy Sleepers in hotel rooms because they blend in with the bedding, bring along our limited edition Rendezvous Blu shade below. You'll never forget it and it's a tropical dreamy shade you'll find on the beaches of Spain!
#1. Book your main flights first then fill in the middle. Once you know you're getting to Europe (and have a way to get back home to the US) you can book smaller flights on budget airlines like RyanAir or EasyJet and save huge.

#2. If you're traveling with a group, check out Airbnb. Many hotels in Europe only allow 2 people per room and you can't sneak your friends in like in the US. They check passports when you check in and are very strict - often with only 2 twin beds in a room. Airbnb is a great way to save on room accommodations.

#3 Consider the countries you want to see most! Switzerland is one of the most expensive places to visit in the world right now, while Spain is super budget friendly and beautiful. Take a train through Switzerland for a day trip and spend a few days or more in Spain. The beaches on Majorca are some of the most beautiful sites and compared to the rest of Europe, food and rooms cost far less in Spain. Majorca was just featured in Travel + Leisure this month too.

#4. Train Discount. You can choose the amount of countries you're going to and how many days you'll need a train pass and travel all over Europe and if you are traveling with a group together, you can get a 15% family discount if you're booking together.

#5 Don't Over Pack. If you stay in Airbnb's you'll be able to wash your clothes and there are so many great stores you've never seen before where you can buy budget friendly European brands of toiletries, you don't need to stock up before you leave.
Hope these tips help, just let us know if you have any questions! Shop our collection of pure satin pillowcases ultra-smooth for hair, skin and lashes below. They are available in Travel, Standard and King Size!

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