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3 Kid-Friendly Valentine's Activities at Home with Savvy Sleepers Founder Dale Janée

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This Valentine's Day you may be home with the kids for a long and chilly weekend -especially here in Texas. After sleeping in (or at least until 7 am) on our luxe satin pillowcases; we have a few, fun simple ways to spend time with your youngsters. Bonus points for minimal mess. Savvy Sleepers may specialize in vegan premium satin pillowcases which are ultra-smooth for hair and skin. However, our founder, Dale Janée, is mom to 3 daughters with some simple, kid-friendly tips to offer this Valentine's Day. 
PS - Our Valentine's Special 2021 'Savvy Gram' is available now through Feb. 14th 2021. Click on the 'Candy Striped Mask' bouquet below to shop (Complimentary Mask available in Adult & Kid Size). Then our Valentine's at Home tips continue...
1. 'One of my favorite Saturday morning activities is to create a 'new space' for my kids. I'll hide their little Ikea kid table in the garage all week and then bring it to the middle of the living room with a fresh box of Crayola crayons. Suddenly it's the most fabulous art station they've ever seen. They're so excited for simple activities like drawing or coloring hand-made Valentine cards,' says Janée.
2. 'We were gifted the Williams Sonoma Rainbow Explosion Cake for Christmas  that actually comes packaged in a paint bucket with rainbow spatulas the kids love to play with on the side. We've been saving this cake mix for Valentine's Day...or at least that's the plan. For a more simple route, buy a Betty Crocker Strawberry Cake Mix and have fun with rainbow + red + pink sprinkles. One slice with a tall glass of cold milk is kid heaven on a chilly Sunday afternoon.'
3. The moment temps are at the warmest during the day, I rush the girls outside to ride their bikes. Last weekend we ventured to Trinity Groves in Dallas, Texas so the kids could ride on the paved trails, it felt like a real getaway. Any time spent outdoors burning energy is a surefire way to have them napping by late afternoon on their Mini Size Savvy Sleepers Satin pillowcases with the luxe pillow option. (available in White Russian, Serenity and Vintage Rosé.)
* Note our Vintage Rosé satin pillowcases on the couch idea for nap time. Vintage Rosé is currently available in 4 sizes including Standard Size, King Size, Mini (kid size) and Travel Size with a matching dust bag. 
Shop our full collection of Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases below.

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