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It's Time to Meet Rendezvous Blu!

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We are excited to announce our new SUMMER 2015 Shade! The limited edition color, Rendezvous Blu, was inspired by the pristine waters of the Mediterranean.

Rendezvous Blu is an iconic turquoise color – it’s lively, luxurious and synonymous with celebration to stylish women,” said Dale Janée, founder and CEO of Savvy Sleepers. “A Rendezvous Blu Savvy Sleeper is a sweet summer gift, like a dreamy beach getaway.”

However, instead of wind-swept beach hair, users will wake up with smooth, manageable strands – Savvy Sleepers are made from the highest quality satin, which is easier on hair and skin than a traditional cotton pillowcase. The ultra-smooth fabric is like a nightly spa treatment, keeping bedhead and pesky pillow-induced facial creases at bay.

“We’re all so busy anymore, so it’s important to do little things for ourselves to ensure we’re well-rested and taken care of,” Janée said. “Savvy Sleepers soothe hair and skin while you sleep. They make the most of beauty sleep, be it for a full eight hours or just a power nap.”

Savvy Sleepers are an easy anti-aging measure and are perfect for sensitive skin, too.

Each Rendezvous Blu Savvy Sleeper is registered and comes with a branded postcard, pillow mints, a card of authenticity and luxury gift box by request. The pillowcase’s signature hidden pocket, perfect for earbuds, love notes or a sweet sachet of lavender, features an embroidered Savvy Sleepers logo. 

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