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You'll Never Believe What's Sold in this Las Vegas Vending Machine!?

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Talk about hitting the jackpot! There is nothing worse than being out of your favorite makeup on a trip only to search for a drugstore replacement. We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw a vending machine stocked with our Benefit faves in Las Vegas at the airport last month. Soooo much better than Doritos and Snickers!
In case you haven't tried Benefit, there are 3 PRODUCTS we love and use daily before washing it all off at night, exfoliating with our Clarisonic and sleeping on our luxe White Russian satin pillow case.


 1. We're a big fan of eyelash extensions and fake eyelashes, but we still wear mascara daily and 'They're Real' by Benefit is one of the best mascaras we've found in years! It lengthens, separates and we even add a layer on our faux lashes as well. It lasts all day without flaking and still easily washes off at night. We love Benefit 'They're Real.' pic via

If you love wearing foundation, but sometimes like to give your skin a break or if you're looking for a bit more coverage than a CC or BB cream, you MUST try HELLO FLAWLESS OXYGEN WOW Brightening Sunscreen Makeup by Benefit.
2. Not only is this foundation SPF 25, it applies flawlessly and blends using just your fingertips if you're in a rush. It doesn't settle into skin and gives an instant glow to any complexion. We recommend stopping by the makeup counter to test the shades or mixing a couple together depending on your skin tone. We have worn Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup by Benefit for 3 years and highly recommend this foundation, especially for day time.
The best part! For some reason, this foundation makes our skin look younger by at least a few years! It doesn't settle into the skin like so many other foundations.

 3. Eyebrows make a big statement and this Brow Shaping Kit by Benefit is a must have. We love this kit because it comes in multiple shades and half is gel, while the other half is powder. If you find a couple hairs that have grown in before your next wax, the kit comes with mini tweezers so you can take care of them. Brows can instantly shape your face, create a mini eye-lift and complete your look.

Have you ever seen a Benefit vending machine in your city?




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