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Yomaro! The Yummy Frozen Yogurt in Germany You Have to See

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If you're a fan of Fro-Yo whether it's Pinkberry or one of the other countless chains of the smooth, creamy treat; then you would love Yomaro. Always on the outlook for 'Slumber Party' approved treats, we discovered the German chain of Yomaro Frozen Yogurt in Frankfurt a few weeks ago.

What makes Yomaro so yummy and different than fro yo stops in the US?

Fro Yo isn't a HUGE craze in Germany like it is in the US where it feels like there's a 'serve yourself' frozen yogurt stop on every corner. 'One of the few Frozen Yogurt Shops in Germany, YOMARO offers all Frozen Yogurt products as vegan.' We love that every bite is refreshing, but tastes good and SUPER HEALTHY. Here's what is in their actual 'yogurt product'...
YOMARO Frozen Yogurt is produced from skimmed milk and Naturyogurt with a fat content of 1.5% in the in-house kitchen.

The Yogurt used to process contains a high proportion of living probiotic Yogurtkulturen, plenty of calcium, protein and vitamin B2; which helps in strengthening the immune system.
What we noticed immediately is the taste is similar to what you would expect from the 'Original' flavor at Pinkberry, but the toppings are so much more real beyond gummy bears, smiling banana, and granola (which is called 'müsli' in Europe. We had the raspberry syrup topping below...
The raspberry sauce was SO good made from fresh raspberries. It was tart and tasted like they'd been picked right off the vine that morning. There was nothing artificial or fake tasting about the syrup like some of the ulta-sweet sugary versions we've tried in the US. We splurged with one of our favorite toppings too - bits of delicious cheesecake that was light and fluffy - although definitely not low-calorie but that's okay.
So if you're going to Germany, check out all the cities with Yomaro locations. We would totally have them cater our next Savvy Sleepers 'Slumber Party,' but we're not sure if they could ship from Germany to California. hehe 

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