5 Beauty Must-Haves to Instantly Feel More Glamorous this Fall!

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Fall is here. That Summer glow is fading and maybe you're feeling a little 'blah' these days before the holidays and 'New Year's Resolutions' start. Here are our 5 Tips updated this Fall to instantly feel more put together and to add a healthy glow to your complexion.
1. Rebel Lipstick by MAC - We've always been a fan of MAC shades and Rebel is a deep burgundy shade that is truly stunning on all skin types. You can wear it light for a berry hue, or deep and darker to glam up a casual outfit and instantly feel glamorous without a stitch of makeup beyond lipstick. Refinery29 said this year that Rebel is the 'one bright lipstick that flatters everyone.' We totally agree! (pic via MakeupAlley)
2.Wake Up with Crease Free Skin - Sleeping on our Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases not only help prevent hair breakage, they can prevent facial creases that can lead to wrinkles. Women have compared them to a 'nightly spa treatment.'

3. BECCA Skin Perfecting Highlighter - I started wearing this highlighter a couple months ago and instantly started receiving compliments from women saying my skin 'was glowing' and the highlight was gorgeous. This is a must-have for fall and winter to add that Hollywood glow to your cheek bones. Shop It Here!

4. Partial Highlights - If you're blonde, ask your hair stylist if he/she offers a partial or accent highlight. It can save anywhere from $30-$100 and will instantly boost your hair color and make you feel better for fall and upcoming holiday parties. Speaking of holiday parties and going from the office to happy hour - check out our 'Happy Hour Couture Post!'
5. Fake Bake Self-Tan - Many women think the self-tanning stops after summer, but it's actually an instant way to feel thinner and add a healthy glow to any fall look. I highly recommend Fake Bake Flawless which is applied with a mit for a near-perfect application.

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