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5 Tips for an Authentic European Brunch this Weekend

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DIY European Spring Brunch!

How does this sound like a weekend recipe for success: Start with a full 8 hours of sleep on our luxe satin pillowcases, sunshine, R&R, & a lovely brunch. While this might not be 100% realistic; we do have some authentic European brunch secrets to share if you're hosting a breakfast at home this Sunday. Happy Spring...

Tip 1: Greenery! Spring in Europe is beautiful (when it's not raining). We love the idea of infusing greenery, the Pantone color of the year, into your table decor with fresh flowers, place mats above we found at Ikea, or a bowl of citrus.

Tip 2: How do you like your eggs? There is a major difference between European brunch and American style breakfasts, especially eggs. We don't see scrambled eggs with melted cheddar in Europe. Eggs are usually sunny-side up or soft-boiled eggs placed in the egg topplers as seen below.

Tip 3: What to eat! There aren't big fluffy pancakes, french toast, bacon, or syrup in Europe. It’s mainly salmon, plain greek yogurt, cheese, bread, sliced baguettes, croissants, and fresh squeezed OJ. Sip champagne or prosecco, but no mimosas. The OJ is in a separate glass and cappuccinos of course.

Tip 4: European style meat! We often saw Serano ham and sausages (especially Spain & Germany).

Tip 5: Cheese & marmalades. One of our favorite jellies you can find in both Europe and here at your local US supermarket is Bonne Maman preserves. This jelly is perfect for your weekend brunch!

Wishing you and your family a lovely weekend and safe travels if you're heading out of town for Easter.


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