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Baby & Brunch in Zurich with L'Ooccitane

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There’s nothing like a mid-week brunch with adorable gourmet jars of yogurt and macaroons straight from Paris to start your morning.
Earlier this Fall, Wilhelmina and I ventured into Zurich for a brunch launch party hosted by L’Occitane. They make some of our favorite lotions and body scrubs to help us de-stress before we go to bed with our Savvy Sleepers. Here's our morning at the beautiful brunch with L'Occitane...

The natural smooth Swiss yogurt was topped with fresh blackberries, granola, nuts, chia seeds, a sprig of mint and edible flowers. They were also in small jars and almost too delicious to eat. It’s the perfect ‘Pinterest-worthy idea’ if you’re having a brunch any time soon.

My +1 for the brunch. Wilhelmina wore a beautiful floral dress given by Vannessa - founder of Luxuria Jewellery Boutique.

Of course, she had a melt down on the Bahnofstrasse just as we approached the event. So I popped into H&M, bought the dress I’m wearing in this post and slipped into a dressing room to feed her and change. After 10 minutes, success.

'L`Occitane en Provence and Pierre Herme, "The Picasso of Pastry" as he is known worldwide, will present three limited collections aimed at the upcoming holidays. The flacons were designed by Olivier Baussan who shaped them like cookies, keeping shaping them in style with the L'Occitane brand and previous editions of the house.'

'The new holiday flacons were created in celebration of the long-lasting friendship of the owner of L'Occitane, designer Olivier Baussan, and Pierre Herme.The new limited collection also pays tribute to the skill of creating fragrances and the craftsmanship in baking the best pastry and macaroons.'

(Sidenote) If you’re ever hosting an event for fashion bloggers, here’s a quick tip – serve everything mini and don’t expect the food to be devoured. The event had adorable platters of mini breakfast sliders.

After a few hours, it was time to head home. Someone was in a sour mood...

Special thanks to L'Occitane for having us and check out the new collection here. Thanks for reading and have a great week.



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  • Helena Lemon: November 14, 2015

    Wow! The fragrances look good enough to eat as well and you’re right everything is Pinterest-perfect! Prayers for Paris!

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