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The Most Stylish Ping Pong Table You've Ever Seen!

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Ping Pong. It's a game. It's an Olympic sport (aka Table Tennis). It's a Forrest Gump fave. It's a staple in every college frat house, and now it can also be one stylish centerpiece in your home along with our Savvy Sleepers luxe satin pillowcases that are ultra-smooth and healthier for hair, skin and lashes.
Have pool tables become passé for 'game rooms' these days? We still think they're cool, but when we saw this sleek, sexy Ping Pong table, we completely forgot about billiard balls and bachelor pad decor altogether. Sure, the ping pong table above by RS Barcelona might cost you a pretty penny, but it's actually on sale from it's original price. has some excellent options you can look at too! Take a look...

The You and Me Ping Pong Table by RS Barcelona

'Proving more versatile than just a ping-pong table, the You And Me also functions as a large dining table, a conference table for the board room, or as a general use side table. All the sportiness that it gets from the net, the bats, and the balls, can be put in the side drawer and hidden away completely.' Take a look at the table when it's in 'Winner Winner Kitchen Dinner' mode...

After a family friendly game of pong, you can easily remove the net and BAM - you have your kitchen table.'Built from high-quality materials, with its surface made of steel and laminate and legs of iroko wood, the table is for outdoor and indoor use.' It also comes in black.


Made by RS Barcelona
SALE $2,680.00 from $3,350.00
free shipping on most orders
RS Barcelona was founded in 1975 in a small metal workshop by Rafael Rodriguez Castillo.

Savvy or Silly? Final Thoughts
Ok, so this design Ping Pong table is definitely a pricy addition to a game room item and we'd hardly recommend it for young kids (aka the perfect canvas for a Magic Marker attack), we do like the sleek design. Plus, ping pong is fun if you have the space for it! A total bonus for any house party.
While we don't see it in man caves or frat houses - unless they play beer pong with Dom Perignon - it would be a fun, extravagant addition or a wild idea for a ultra-luxe holiday gift. Of course, what if you live in a tiny apartment?



For those living in the city (especially San Francisco or New York) and barely have a spot for a twin size bed, let alone a ping pong table, we are pleased to introduce you to the Ping Pong Door by Tobias Franzel. Clever! Although, if you're already competitive with your roommate as it is, we recommend skipping this sporty home improvement and stick to a regular door.

Would you ever have a Ping Pong table in your house or backyard? PS if you want to add a stylish accessory to your Ping Pong style and get your hair up in a pony in less than 5 seconds, check out our NEW! Totally 90s Savvy Scrunchies made of the pure satin we use for our pillowcase collection. xo



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