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Peak Inside the Kameha Grand Zürich Pillow Menu

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When we announced last year we would be on the official pillow menu in the Kameha Grand Zürich Hotel in Switzerland, we couldn't wait to see the print menu in person. Think of it like a wine list of comforting, luxurious pillow options to make your stay at the Grand Kameha even more amazing.
Let us explain...

Pillow menus are all the rage these days in hip and upscale hotels across the world. After all, they want you to feel like you're sleeping in the comfort of your own bed, only better. Here's what the actual pillow menu offers at the Kameha Grand Zürich Hotel.

The menu is available in both German and English. The Menu welcomes guests by stating you are sleeping on the 'highest quality goose down encased with the finest batiste fabrics. You will enjoy every night with the quality bedding that is 'Made in Germany' by Mühldorfer. They offer:

- Cherry Pit Pillow

-Neck Support Pillow

-Savvy Sleepers (yay that's us) anti-aging satin pillow cover

Premium Ladies Pillow - finest Egyptian cotton

Spelt Pillow

Cool Down Pillow - Anti-allergy pillow

Anti-allergy Neck Roll

The menu continues with a variety of Bathtub pillows and a selection of pillows and even duvet covers.

Our White Russian Savvy Sleepers are now available to all guests who request one at the Grand Kameha and of course you can have the same treatment at home with our full collection available online. 



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