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Are Satin Pillowcases Vegan?

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If you're vegan, maybe you are looking to upgrade your pillowcase to silk or satin for the beauty benefits, but would still like to make sure the fabric is vegan. Silk pillowcases are made from silk worms and therefore are not vegan. Satin is synthetic and Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases, which are ultra-smooth for hair, skin and lashes, are made from a luxe, heavier weight polyester. This is an ingredient that makes up satin and microfibers and can vary depending on the weave and weight which is why it can often be confusing. You may find cheap and ultra-shiny or low quality satin online.
Savvy Sleepers are the highest quality and we guarantee our satin pillowcases so you can sleep better knowing we want you to be happy.
Our pillowcases are 100% vegan and Savvy Sleepers help protect breakage and split ends that can be caused by cotton pillowcases. They have been described as a 'beauty treatment for hair and skin while you sleep.'

Our satin feels like silk, but it is pure high-end satin and not made from silk worms. We have been featured by Allure, Vegan beauty bloggers and in the Popsugar beauty box. Shop the full collection below and sleep better tonight!

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  • Alyson Press : December 02, 2020

    I would like to know of your products please. My daughter is not vegan but my son is so I want to purchase vegan products for my daughter which have the same benefits as silk.

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