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Can a Satin Pillowcase Really Make a Difference for Your Hair?

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Concerned about Friction?

Let's leave the friction to the Real Housewives! We were honored to be featured in The Beauty Magazine last Spring and if you're looking to protect you hair, skin and lashes (whether real or extensions) from damaging friction that can cause breakage, our pure satin pillowcases can help. Cotton pillowcases and cotton blends can cause split ends and hair loss because they are a harsher fabric for hair and delicate facial skin.

Are you trying to help repair already damaged hair?

Especially if you have hair breakage from treatments, extensions, highlights or heat damage and you're trying to take every step to make it healthier, our satin pillowcases can help. They work while you sleep at night so you can wake up feeling like you're taking care of your hair preventing additional damage. Savvy Sleepers are ultra-smooth and your hair can glide across as you sleep protecting your hair's health as hair style, like if you have had a blow out. Here's how Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases can help protect your blow out.

About Our Satin

Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases are the highest-quality satin that have a semi-matte finish unlike old-fashioned or cheap satin pillowcases which can feel slippery to the touch. Our satin is soothing and machine-washable. They also ultra-smooth for skin and eye-lash extensions. Shop our full collection below or our Rendezvous Blu satin pillowcase above. The summer shade is a limited edition shade in our satin pillowcase collection.

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