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Celebrating National Lash Day! Top After-Care Tips with Certified Artist Missy Tompkins in San Francisco

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Lash extensions are as common as lattes these days and February 19th is actually National Lash Day! From the length, application, to the after-care like sleeping our our pure satin pillowcases to avoid the damaging effects that can be caused by cotton, the multi-billion dollar lash industry has no detail too small. We touched base with one of our retailers - California based expert - Missy Tompkins. Missy has worked in the beauty industry for years and was once based in Dallas, Texas too! Tompkins is the Founder of Bis Beauty Co in San Francisco and is now accepting new clients. If you're already a lash-addict, here are a few of Missy's top after-care tips for your lash extensions.
 pic via @bisbeautysuite
Daily cleaning of lash extensions is so important for more than one reason and is overlooked by many lash wearers.*** What many people don’t realize is that you have tiny oil glands on your lash line that constantly produce oils. When you wear extensions, oil tends to get trapped in the tiny space between the lash line and the beginning of the extension. Over time this oil will build up and crystallize. Water alone will not wash this off so a lash approved cleanser and even a soft lash cleansing brush are needed to prevent this build up.
***Not only will this help keep the area clean and clear for new lashes to grow in healthy (preventing natural lash damage), it will help the adhesive retain its integrity and provide a squeaky clean canvas for new extensions to be attached. Adhesive needs to be applied directly on clean hair/lashes for proper adhesion, so not only will your extensions last longer and stay fluffy, your lash artist won’t have to spend precious lashing time cleaning!
Not looking for extensions? Check out one of Missy's transformations with a lash lift and tint.
Some other helpful tips from Tompkins: daily brushing, sleeping on your back (on a SAVVY SLEEPERS pillowcase of course!) and avoid touching them with your fingers are other great ways to get the best out of your lashes. Lash Extensions are expensive and time consuming so protect your investment! Currently my cleanser of choice is Borboleta Lash Bath and Lash Bath Foam.
Thank you for the interview Missy and Savvy Sleepers shout out for after-care.
ABOUT BIS BEAUTY SUITE and Missy Tompkins below...

In 2016, after nearly seven years in the beauty industry, I decided it was time to take the leap and go out on my own (officially) and open what is now Bis Beauty.  My experience comes from working in spas, lash studios and from a home studio. Each step of my career has taught me something and helped get me to where I am today.

Lash extensions are still somewhat new and the best is yet to come! The products I began my career with were totally different compared to what I use and what is available to me today.  In order to grow as an artist and a business, testing new products is a must. Staying stagnate and content in this industry will do you no favors. As scary as trial and error can be, it is totally  necessary. New information on lashes is constantly coming out and new techniques are being shared within the artist community. Honesty is a huge part of my business motto and I will always share as much as I know, never recommending something that may not work for someone. I can confidently say that I enjoy my job everyday and am so lucky to have such wonderful, loyal clients! My business and success would be nothing without all of you lovely ladies.

Oh, and if you're wondering what Bis, (pronounced miss with a b) means, it is a nick-name that my dad gave me as a little kid and still calls me to this day. No clue where it came from and I'm pretty sure he would say the same!

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