Here's Why You Have to Try Oui the New French Yogurt by Yoplait

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Yogurt fans, raise your hand! If you're a true blue plain greek yogurt super fan, then maybe you already know about the new Oui French Style yogurt by Yoplait. At first, we thought, 'Um, Yoplait yogurt doesn't sound too exciting,' but we were blown away by the taste and true French authenticity of this yogurt recipe. After waking up on our pure satin pillowcases each morning, we look forward to our little glass jar of deliciousness. We'll explain why Oui is so exciting below...


What is Oui by Yoplait?

It's described as 'A thick and creamy, subtly sweet, fresh tasting yogurt made with non-GMO ingredients and poured and set in its own glass pot.' We were amazed by the taste and texture of this yogurt. Plus the bonus that it really comes in a small glass jar. We LOVE the plain flavor, but it's almost always sold out so vanilla is a close second. It's a bit too sweet for our liking, so keep an eye out for plain in your grocer's freezer. Check out Oui by Yoplait here online.

Make it a Breakfast! Add Fresh Berries & Granola

If you were really in France, you could have a baguette or fresh crossaint on the side, but if you're on a healthy eating kick this month, just add berries and sprinkle granola. We just tried the Bird Bakery granola from the location in Dallas, Texas and it was SO yummy! Almost too good for breakfast. PS, check out our post last year how to create an authentic French breakfast at home this weekend.

How to Know it's 'Authentic' French Yogurt?

Sure, it's made by Yoplait, but this yogurt is the closest we've found to real French yogurt. Why? The texture is extremely rich and it doesn't taste fake or like there are any preservatives. Also, the glass jar! Hold it upside down and the yogurt won't move showing how thick and creamy it is. According to the Oui site, 'Our glass pot is not only recyclable and great for reuse, but it also protects the integrity of the yogurt’s texture during the production and shipping process ensuring our consumer’s experience the best possible French style yogurt every single time.' Yum!

Mmmm, have you tried Oui by Yoplait? PS - did you know our satin pillowcases are 100% Vegan. More about that here!





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  • Jolene Thomas: August 07, 2018

    I have tried the Oui by Yoplait French Style yogurt and I enjoyed it. It is smooth and creamy as they said, the fruit on the bottom adds an extra treat. I was on vacation the later part of July when I noticed it in the grocery store and decided to try it. I have tried the Greek Style , but do not like it because of the tartness of it. But the French style is perfect, it is subtle not over powering, it is PERFECT!

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