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How to Add a Little 'Serenity Now' Into Your Life

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Fall is here and the past week has been an emotional roller coaster for much of America cause stress levels to spike after the election. We have a few tips for a 'DIY Spa at Home' so you can relax before Thanksgiving. This is especially important as the holidays can cause enough tension without the added stress of political debates. PS - We're also announcing our Pantone Color of the Year - Serenity Satin Pillowcase Sale starts Now! Who doesn't need a little 'Serenity Now' in their lives?

Savvy Sleepers DIY Spa at Home

1. Green Vibes
Set the vibe with fresh greenery & check out the app for spa sounds like a tropical forest or waterfall. Sirius also has a Spa channel (68) for those Sirius subscribers, this is the perfect way to wind down after a stressful day.
2. Carbonate Your Own H20!
Meet Soda Stream's cooler cousin. You can get your own soda siphon as seen in the photo above. Then add fresh berries, or get festive this Thanksgiving with frozen cranberries and add them to your DIY sparkling water. Sip, relax with a mud mask or check out our coffee scrub recipe.
3. Take a Break from Social Media
When is the last time you totally checked out of social media in the past week? Buy a magazine like AD, Travel & Leisure, or anything that isn't talking about the election outcome.
4. Bubble Bath
You deserve it, especially on these chilly fall days.
5. Sleep on Serenity
Our Special Edition Savvy Sleeper in Serenity is on sale NOW! Take a power nap, or travel for Thanksgiving with our luxe satin pillowcase that is ultra-smooth for hair, skin & lashes! The Sale Starts Now




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