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How to Avoid 3 Embarrassing Party Situations this Holiday Season

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You have (X) holiday parties coming up this December and offered to host a dinner for friends too. Problem! You're exhausted and running short on time. You deserve to enjoy your parties without needing a breather on the back patio in the freezing cold.

We have Simple Solutions for 3 Scenarios that can cause stress, drama and embarrassment this holiday season.....

1. Your dinner party starts in 2 hours and you don't have a festive centerpiece.
Keep the table simple with a runner, white plates and use matching wine glasses and silverware. Add a dozen red roses (you can find at most grocery stores for under $20) in a vase nearby.

2. The host at a holiday party asks guests to remove shoes and you haven't had a pedicure in For-ev-er!
Tuck a pair of socks inside your handbag in case you need to kick off your Steve Madden strappy heels or Manolo Blahnik's at the door like Carrie on Sex and the City. This way you can feel stress-free from head to toe, literally.
3. You forgot a gift for the host as you're arriving (late) to the party?

Stash a box of See's Candy (totally classic) in your car for moments like this or use UberEats to order from a local donut shop open late. Your friends will think you're so tech-savvy and full of sweet surprises.  Night cap + maple bar = success.

PS...Savvy Sleepers make a perfect hostess gift too. Free Gift Boxes included all month. Cheers to the weekend & holiday parties.

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