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How to Make Your Skin Smoother with Desert Harvest Aloe Vera Gel

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Aloe Vera is a miracle plant and let's be honest, succulents are all the rage right now in home decor. We have one in our house and love the effects and how well it grows. You don't need to have a green thumb to manage Aloe Vera, but the benefits to our skin this summer has been smoother thanks to Desert Harvest Aloe Gel. Desert Harvest uses no artificial ingredients. Let us explain as we're often asked if our ultra-smooth satin pillowcases for hair, skin and lashes are infused with Aloe...

The Power of Aloe? Although our satin pillowcases are not infused with aloe vera gel, because they are so soft and smooth, we've had emails asking. Aloe is so powerful and can penetrate skin much differently than that bottle of cocoa butter lotion in your medicine cabinet. According to Desert Harvest, 'Aloe has the ability to reach the deepest body tissues, some seven layers deep. Most lotions, liquid substances, and water will penetrate only two layers of skin.'

We used Desert Harvest Aloe on our skin for the past month and have noticed our skin looks and feels healthier, plus we rubbed shoulders (literally) with a few friends who actually commented 'wow, your skin is super soft!' That's a compliment we love and the small bottle is perfect for travel.

About Desert Harvest Gele

'Desert Harvest super-strength aloe vera capsules are very unique. They are made in a special, pure concentration, unlike what is common in the market today.
We grow our Barbadensis Miller species of aloe vera plants organically with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
Immediately after the leaves are harvested (within two hours), we use a cold process to preserve the active ingredients, applying no heat and adding no preservatives. Heat caramelizes the polysaccharides, so you want to avoid aloe that has been heat treated.
We process the whole leaves of the aloe plant (not just the inner gel), which allows all of the ingredients of the plant to work in synergy.'

    More info here...

    After Sun Care

    We also used Desert Harvest after a few days in the northern California sun and aloe vera is famously known to help ease discomfort and redness that can be caused by sunburns. If you'd like to see our Founder's full post in Northern California wine country in her Bike Pretty helmet and her fave Versace crab and turtle print dress, click here

    Why We LOVE this Aloe?
    'Research shows that aloe vera may have antibiotic, pain reliever, and anti-inflammatory properties. It may help to regulate metabolism and balance blood sugar. It carries 77 parts per trillion of oxygen through the bloodstream. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential elements, which contribute to the nutrient pool and cellular health.' - Desert Harvest Aloe Vera
    We highly recommend Desert Harvest Aloe Vera and we are big fans that there is no animal testing and that the company is family owned. Meet the Desert Harvest Aloe Family here and shop our full collection of luxe satin pillowcases below.


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