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Is 'Bathleisure' a Thing? How to DIY a 'Spa' in your Bathroom with these 3 Easy Tips

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According to Instagram last year, bathleisure has become a 'thing!' Maybe it means adding a casual outfit, towel in your hair and snapping a selfie - but what if you really want to create a 'spa like' vibe in your bathroom? Before you settle into beauty sleep mode on our anti-aging satin pillowcases which are ultra-smooth for hair and skin. Here are a few, simple ways to add spa features to your own bathroom. Click on the pillowcases below if you want to shop our pure satin pillowcase collection as seen in Allure and Birdie.
1. Add unique elements like a round mirror or ladder towel rack - These trending towel racks look like ladders and are perfect to add hang your towel as your relax in the bath or hang your Savvy LBD - aka our ultra-smooth lounge dress ideal for when you apply lotion after a shower or faux tanner. It's machine-washable and easy to step into so you don't have to worry about damaging your hair style. 
2. Add Faux Greenery - We love a simple budget friendly way to add some green to your bathleisure look. This indoor/outdoor faux greenery from Ikea is easy to add in squares to a wall in your bathroom. Good selfie background too - hehe.
3. A Spa Faucet Upgrade to Your Tub -Talk about an instant upgrade with a new faucet for your tub that makes it really feel like your lounging in a spa. They can be found online for around $300.

Once you've fully relaxed in your 'bathroom/spa' - get cozy in bed and protect your hair nightly on our pure satin pillowcases which can help prevent hair breakage and prevent creases that may be caused by cotton pillowcases. Our collection is machine-washable and each pillowcase is available in Standard and King Size with a bonus secret pocket. Sweet dreams.

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