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Missed National Lipstick Day? Here's How You Can Still Get Free Lipstick at MAC

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Above - wine tasting in Northern California wearing 'Rebel' by MAC

If you're anything like us, we probably had your attention at "free MAC lipstick!" The makeup line was celebrating National Lipstick Day on Saturday, July 29 2017 by giving away free tubes in stores. According to all you had to do was show up at a local MAC store or retailer to pick up your free full tube (read: not a sample size). MAC lipstick is one of our favorite beauty products beyond our Savvy Sleepers pure satin pillowcases that are ultra-smooth for hair, skin and lashes.

But if you missed National Lipstick Day, don't worry. Welcome to the Slumber Party! We'll share below how you can still get FREE MAC Products...

Featured above - Russian Red by MAC, a classic red lip when you need it.

If you’re already a MAC fan, you may already about about its recycling program. You can go in with 6 of your old MAC Cosmetic products and get a lipstick in the shade of your choice for FREE! Plus, if you have more than 6 to recycle, for example 8 or 10, they will still take those and mark your account to keep track so when you come in the next time to reach a total of 6 again you can score more free MAC. ** We noticed this works for the lipsticks, eyeshadows and all products with plastic containers, but not an eyeliner pencil because that can be used completely.

We just tested this over the weekend going to the MAC Store in the Dallas Northpark Mall. They told us you can also get an eye-shadow if you prefer over a lipstick. We chose the shade 'Blankety' Amplified as our free lipstick. However, we're not a huge fan. It seems to make our teeth look less white and doesn't really pop on our skin tone, so make sure to test before choosing your free shade. PS - Don't forget our luxury satin pillowcases help protect your hair, skin and lashes while you sleep. It's a beauty product we all deserve. Do you wear MAC lipstick?

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