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Now Serving Better Sleep! Savvy Sleepers Satin Pillowcases Est. 2012

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This Spring there are more reasons to take care of our mental and physical health more than ever before summer rolls around. Better health truly coordinates with your sleep. Our collection of luxe satin pillowcases and our Joanna Czech X Savvy Sleepers 100% pure silk sleep masks make amazing gifts for you or for your family and friends.
You can almost see the difference in the quality of our satin just looking in a zoomed in photo below, but truly you need to actually touch our satin to truly experience the quality and beauty benefits to your hair and skin.

And don't forget our 100% satin fun oversized Savvy Scrunchies which can instantly make hair feel and look fuller the moment your wrap the Scrunchie in your locks.

Our brand turns 10 years old this year and we've never been more proud to offer a collection of premium satin pillowcases which are ultra-smooth for hair and skin with the bonus secret pocket for a sweet surprise. Shop our full collection below. Our luxe satin pillowcases are available in Standard (Queen Size), King Size and Kid Size (Mini) as well as Travel Size in multiple shades.

Shop the collection below:


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