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Our 'Mini Parfait' Holiday Diet Secret with the Swiss Style Yogurt You Can Buy From Home!

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During COVID shutdowns, we were staying 'in' a lot especially in the Spring. We decided to start getting a little more creative with our typical 'yogurt' routine. If you're a yogurt lover, you know how important it is to find a yogurt you love in terms of taste, consistency and for health purposes - whether you need it dairy free or low in added sugars. The BEST our founder has discovered --- and by 'BEST' --- we mean the closest to the creamy delicious plain yogurt we enjoyed while living in Switzerland is......
Drumroll please.....
THE GREEK GODS 'Plain Traditional' with the green cap- sold at grocery stores nationwide, including Target. While we may specialize in our premium satin pillowcases which are ultra-smooth for hair and skin, after we wake up on them, we have mouths to feed. And a simple 'Mini' Yogurt Parfait is easy and less waste than buying individual yogurt containers. We'll share one of our yogurt secrets below.
Yogurt can be quite filling, so we use a small bowl - about 1/4 the size of a normal cereal bowl.
*Add in 2 spoonfuls of The Greek Gods Yogurt
* sprinkle with granola and drizzle honey if you like
*add a handful of nuts and your favorite fresh fruit
*top with shredded coconut, a mix of sweetened and unsweetened coconut flakes to keep the calories down
Bingo! You have a delightful mini-parfait that you'll crave like a dessert each morning, but it's low-cal and ultra-filling. Our founder enjoys nearly daily with a Tumeric Ginger People Latte or Nespresso coffee

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