Perfect Blow Outs Spotted at Texas Tulips! Plus 6 Tips for Your Tulip Field Photoshoot

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Texas Tulips! We went out Sunday to the first U-Pick tulip field in Texas and what an experience! We spotted hundreds of flower-pickers enjoying the short, but sweet tulip season which typically lasts from mid-February to late March. Texas Tulips has become a hot spot in Pilot Point, TX - especially for bloggers trying to get that golden instagram pic. But visit soon as the season doesn't last long and we have some tips if you want to get that perfect Instagram photo.

We had a messy up-do going that day and a White Russian Savvy Scrunchie on our wrist, so we weren't in 'photoshoot mode' but we did snap a few pics we'll share later this week with our top tips to visit Texas Tulips with a toddler. If you're wanting your own Savvy Scrunchie in Vintage Rosé, Nappuccino, Black Truffe, or White Russian - shop pure satin Savvy Scrunchies here.


We spotted a couple women with spot-on blow outs walking through the tulip fields and others laying down posing with their perky ponytails or wavy locks snapping selfies above the tulip shade of their choice - which matched their carefully picked out tulip-picking outfit. A few tips below if you're looking to go to Pilot Point to do a photoshoot in the rows of gorgeous tulips.


1. Professional Photographer Fee - If you're looking to take a professional photographer to Texas Tulips - the fee is $25 for your photographer. Entry fee for all others is $5 each and tulips are $2.50 a stem so choose wisely. Parking is FREE!

2. Avoid Weekends if You're Camera Shy - If you're looking to do a dramatic photoshoot or family shot where you don't want hundreds of others in the pic, avoid the weekend. With the large flat farm, it's hard to avoid getting other patrons in your shot - especially on the very crowded weekend. Try a less crowded day like weekdays as it's open 7 days a week during the season.

3. Grab a Basket - Texas Tulips offers you a basket to use while you're there to pick the tulips you love and the wicker baskets make the perfect photoshoot prop.

4. Get the Photo First, Then Enjoy the Tulips - We saw so many people overly focused on taking photos, that it didn't seem like they were truly taking in the moment of the gorgeous cloud covered sky, the beauty of the tulips, and the families enjoying their time together. Plus, don't forget to appreciate the sheer genius of the family from the Netherlands who created the vision of the u-pick tulip field taking Texas and instagram by storm. Read their story here.

5. Get that Golden Hour Pic - If you're looking to do a shoot, the fields are open 7 days a week from 10 AM to 8 pm, so you can plan your trip and photoshoot around the 'Golden Hour' if you want. If you're looking for inspiration - just search #TexasTulips on instagram. Hope you enjoy the tulips!

6. What to Wear to the Tulip Field - You can wear whatever you want of course, and we saw sun dresses to cropped jeans and trendy tops. Women in barely there makeup, and many with a full face of makeup staring deeply into a bed of fuchsia tulips. We recommend (depending on weather) summery staples and if you plan to take a seat in the muddy sand like substance where the tulips are growing to avoid white jeans and any material that isn't machine washable.

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