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Savvy Scrunchies Pure Satin Scrunchies Can Make a Thin Ponytail Feel More Full

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Have you ever felt like as soon as your hair goes back into a ponytail or bun, it feels thin and looks like a toddler's ponytail? Then you may want to consider our new Savvy Scrunchies - they can rescue faster than your 4-year-old can say 'Paw Patrol.' While our luxury satin Scrunchies are made of the same fabric as our anti-aging satin pillowcases, they are also a unique size (we tested for over 6 months) so they can make your hair feel thicker and more full. 


Hormones, stress and pregnancy can cause so many changes to hair and phases of hair thinning or hair loss. If you're trying to be extra careful and gentle on your hair, you will love our Savvy Scrunchies and also consider our collection of luxe satin pillowcases ultra-smooth for hair, skin and lashes.

Not only are Savvy Scrunchies healthy and ultra-smooth for hair, they also can really make your hair look more full. Pic of our founder below rocking our Nappuccino Savvy Scrunchie. $8.99
Especially if you have blond hair, our Nappuccino will blend right in. Shop our Savvy Scrunchies below currently available in Vintage Rosé and Nappuccino. Our Savvy Scrunchies are made with our pure polyester blend making them machine washable. The satin weave is ultra-smooth for hair helping to prevent hair breakage that can be caused by traditional hair ties. Our satin Scrunchies are also 100% Vegan and machine washable.

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