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See the Barbie Movie or Skip It? Savvy Sleepers Movie Review

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This summer, Barbie has been a hot pink hit! With the movie about to be America's top-grossing film of 2023, have you seen it or skipped it? We've heard mixed thoughts of parents debating whether to take their kids. Our founder, Dale Janée, now a mom of 4 daughters, went earlier this month and has a few thoughts if you're thinking of seeing Barbie while the film is still in theaters.  


As Barbie journeys through the film, she learns that true beauty lies within, echoing a message that resonates with audiences of all generations which seems like a sweet enough reason to see it, right? 

Q. So how was the acting?

A. As the lights dimmed in the theater, we were ready to be transported to a realm of pink and plastic fun. It was thoroughly entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny thanks to the acting of Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and the entire cast. It was a simple escape on a hot afternoon as summer comes to a close. 

Q. Is the movie worth going to the theater? Or too much hype?

Visually, the new Barbie movie is a Matel-themed masterpiece that combines breathtaking animation with a vivid color palette and nostalgic Barbie fashion. The scenes are rendered with remarkable attention to detail, showcasing the intricate textures and luminous quality of the fabric and set design. Even the modes of transportation for Barbie & Ken throughout the film was fun to see.

Q. Is it appropriate for kids?

A. The younger two daughters took a nap through most of it, and the older two had their eyes glued to the Barbie dream houses and accessories. They were too young to grasp the 'patriarchy' and Ken talks in the final 20 minutes. Their eyes glazed over and they asked for more popcorn. Overall, they were fans and just wanted to go home after it finished and create their own 'Weird Barbie.' 

Final thoughts... In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, the new Barbie movie offers a respite—a world of pink, fun vibes, make-believe, and satin (Barbie must sleep on a satin pillowcase right?). Plus dreams that remind us of the magic that exists within the ordinary, so it's a 'must-see' from our crew. Especially if you've ever played with Barbies, it will bring back childhood memories. 

Outfit Details - Dale Janée: checkered pants are Zara (Summer '23), pink top (Mango) / Kids Barbie t-shirt, pink shorts & Barbie shell necklace (Zara + Barbie collection), striped dress - (Janie & Jack), gingham top & skirt - (Jessica Simpson), Scrunchies - Savvy Scrunchies (Vintage Rosé) 

We've heard mixed reviews from parents who would never take their kids to see it. So what did you think? 



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