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Sleep with Savvy Sleepers, Not Your Phone. Here's How Sleeping with your Phone is Damaging

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According to experts, 'sleeping with your phone can be damaging to your health.' We help promote healthy sleep habits which is why our secret pocket inside every Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcase is too small for a smartphone, according to a recent study.

'Nearly 30% of teens surveyed sleep with their phone.' Are you or is your teen one of them? Docs recommend putting that smartphone away 1 hour before bed. Our satin pillowcases not only can help you toss and turn less, they can also decrease bed head and skin creases that can lead to long term wrinkles over time.

Savvy Sleepers were recently recommended and ranked by Women's Health Magazine as the 'most durable' satin pillowcase that is healthier for skin and hair. Our satin is not only 100% vegan, but it is also machine-washable and preferred by both men and women. Silk pillowcases which are made with silk worms are not vegan. Shop our full collection below.

The secret pocket in our collection of Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases is large enough for jewelry, love notes and chapstick, but is too small for a smartphone as we aim to help people sleep better.

One more fun fact from the health study this year, '40% of teens think their parents spend too much time on their mobile device.' Would you like to spend less time this summer with your smartphone?

Thanks for reading and sleep better tonight. Shop our full collection of anti-aging satin pillowcases for hair, skin and lashes below.


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