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Quarantine Candy Score! If You Love Sugarfina Sugar Lips, We Found Them in Bulk!

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Welcome to the Slumber Party! And you know we're big fans of delicious sour candy, and one our faves are Sugarina Sugar Lips. Yes, we sell luxe satin pillowcases ultra-smooth for hair, skin and lashes. But on the weekends, it's a slumber party around here and we want to let you in on a secret if you're a sour candy lover, especially if Sugarfina Sugar Lips are one of your faves.
If you are a big sour candy fan, and have been ordering candies from home these days during shelter-in-place and after all Sugarfina candy boutiques we loved closed last year. We want to let you in on a secret to find one of our favorite candies, Sugarfina Sugar Lips in bulk. So for your next Netflix, popcorn and candy night cuddling on your ultra-smooth luxe satin pillowcase, we'll share the online sweet spot you can score these below. 


While we love the brand for cute candy gifts in their adorable packaging, if you just want them in bulk to enjoy for yourself, not only are they priced high (about $7.95 plus shipping for just 12 pieces), but we've always had an issue with the wasteful packaging when we're just eating one after another on the couch watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

However, they do offer bulk pricing, but it's still high. A 2.5 bulk bag for $40. We love these candies so we did some research and found the yummy delicious Sour Lip candies are made in the USA by a brand called Gimbals. We recently ordered a 5 pound bulk bag for $29.99 from We tested it, the customer service is excellent and they are the exact same sour lips you love. Woo hoo! 
Plus, if you are buying in bulk that is a $50 savings! We are all watching our costs these days. They are called Gimbals Sour Pucker lips and those delicious flavors strawberry, cherry and watermelon are sold in a mix in a 5 lb bag here on Cheers! 

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