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'Techs and the City' Gossip! Company Floats Failsforce Blimp in San Francisco Calling Out Salesforce

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'Sex and the City’ may have debuted almost 20 years ago, but our Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcase founder, Dale Janée, didn’t exactly get that NYC fashion excitement in the Big Apple after college. However, she had ‘Techs and the City.' So what’s on the gossip scene during the SF ‘Met Gala’ – Tech Gala of the year, aka the DreamForce conference taking over the Bay Area last week?

We may sell pure satin pillowcases ultra-smooth for hair, skin and lashes, but we love a little friendly competition. Oh, and speaking of 'Sex and the City' - yesterday was National Mean Girls Day and according to E! News, Sarah Jessica Parker who had an infamous falling out with Kim Cattrall tweeted about the two yesterday saying she couldn't imagine doing another Sex and the City without Samantha. See the Tweet below...


Okay, back to the 'blimp' drama. After this 'Failsforce' blimp (pic above) flew over the Dreamforce conference last week- take note - like literally in a diary- the San Francisco tech scene can be just as catty with PR as clever as the stunning Samantha Jones. Except, now the gossip goes right to social media and there were plenty in San Francisco buzzing (aka tweeting) about who was behind the blimp 'touting' the words 'Failsforce.'

If you’ve ever used Salesforce as your CRM at your job or considered it for your own business, you might want to know about a new kid in town. Fresh Works Inc. organized a blimp flying over San Francisco yesterday that boldy said, ‘Failsforce’ and the hashtag took off throughout Twitter and Facebook. They seem eager to earn your business if you’re interested in learning more.

In the spirit of tech, our Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases were actually inspired by living in the San Francisco rat race. After spending days working for a large commercial estate tech service in SOMA, then spending long nights writing and editing blogs – our founder was exhausted. It was a taking a toll on her hair and skin, when her aunt, a hair stylist for 20+ years advised to start sleeping on a satin pillowcase ASAP to prevent hair breakage.
After one night, she noticed the difference to her hair and skin and designed the most luxurious ultra-smooth satin pillowcase with a secret pocket for lavender, jasmine or a sweet surprise. It’s just big enough for those, and too small for a smartphone. Screen time before bed is a no-go for the Savvy Sleepers team. Each Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcase is vegan, machine washable and unisex with a stylish matte finish that is not overly shiny.

What do you think about the Failsforce blimp? A little bit of a tech troll move or all is fun and (video) games in the big Banana – aka San Francisco? ‘Apple’ was already taken both in New York and Silicon Valley so maybe banana will stick?
Speaking of ‘Sex and the City’ – we might order Uber Eats, hop on Amazon Prime thankful we’re no where near the craziness of a tech conference this evening and enjoy a mini marathon of Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda drama. Ahhh, the good ole’ days – Slumber Party time with ‘Sex and the City.’ Sleep Better Tonight and don't forget to check out our Totally 90's NEW! Savvy Scrunchies.

Here’s a couple past ‘Techs and the City’ blogs written by our Founder– episode ‘Techs and the City – The Work Date’ or ‘Techs and the City – Urban Mom Edition’ in San Francisco. To Shop our Full Collection of Anti-aging satin pillowcases that are ultra-smooth for hair, skin and lashes, click below.

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