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The Nappuccino Event Starts Now!

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What is next Tuesday?

Well, besides that little election going on, Tuesday November 8th is also National Cappuccino Day and we're celebrating with a gift for you. 

In all seriousness, we are losing sleep over this election. This week, the Wall Street Journal reported the facts straight from our Fitbits! 'Wearable devices that track exercise and other vital signs reveal what many have suspected: The election is making us lose sleep.'

So what can we do to sleep better? We have one simple solution. Our Savvy Sleepers luxe satin pillowcases are ultra-smooth for hair, skin & lashes, plus men and women say they sleep better each night on our satin pillowcases. Savvy Sleepers are also hypoallergenic, anti-aging, machine-washable and vegan.

According to The Wall Street Journal, 'More than half of U.S. adults say the election is a very or somewhat significant source of stress, according to a recent Harris Poll done on behalf of the American Psychological Association. Registered Democrats (55%) and Republicans (59%) were nearly as likely to say the election is a source of stress. Stress is a common cause of sleep loss.'
So are you ready to catch up on those zzz's, sleep like a baby and enjoy a coffee on us?
Here's the details. The Nappuccino Event starts today and goes through November 9th 2016. (Nappuccino Savvy Sleepers seen below)

Buy 2 Pillowcases, Get 1 Nappuccino Standard Size FREE!

+ US FREE Shipping 

+ $5 Giftcard to Starbucks or Philz (our personal fave in the SF Bay Area). Ends November 9, 2016.

PS - Join us on social media all week for stress-relieving cappuccino dates!

USE CODE: 'Nap' at Checkout



What People are Saying About Savvy Sleepers...

'After years of being forced to use the sub-standard pillow case included in my sheet set, I am BLOWN AWAY at the quality of this pillowcase! It is silky smooth and no more obvious "I just woke up" wrinkle face!!! Savvy Sleepers is a lux product that I can't go without! They make great gifts for friends, bridal parties, hostess gifts, and moms! Thank you Savvy Sleepers, you have added a level of chic to my bedtime regimen!'

- Kasie


'This pillowcase is incredible. I received it in my PopSugar Must Have Box, and immediately ordered a second one. You wake up with your skin feeling great and your hair looking sleek and shiny. Would definitely recommend!'

- Victoria G.


You can tell from the first night that you sleep on one that these pillowcases are very high quality. Extremely smooth and comfortable. I could never go back to a regular cotton pillowcase!

PS: the hidden pocket is a handy feature




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