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Upgrade Your Weekend Brunch with this Citrus Juicer Under $20 on Amazon!

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Ever get a craving to go to the mall just for an Orange Julius fix? Oh Orange Julius, such a 90's beverage fave! Well, it looks like Amazon may stomp that 'Brick and Mortar' juice shop into the ground too thanks to this citrus juicer by Black + Decker. We've tested it for nearly 4 months using it every weekend and have to show you how amazing it is for yourself or a gift for mom this Sunday. Yep, it's Amazon Prime and under $20. Our founder, Dale Janée, having a 'Mommy & Me' OJ making experience above as her 3-year-old daughter loves a small glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice on the weekends.
Yes, we sell our pure satin pillowcases that are ultra-smooth for hair, skin and lashes so you can hopefully wake up with less creases and bed head before you hop in the kitchen to prepare the best brunch ever this Sunday, but today is all about the orange juice. PS - we have a Mother's Day bonus going on now that will give you 1 Complimentary Luxe Mother's Day Card and 1 Lavender Sachet handsewn in Dallas, Texas. More about that Orange juice maker below.


This orange juice maker is by Black + Decker - SHOP IT HERE - and it helps filter out the majority of the pulp and it's easy to use and wash. We wash it in the dish washer after we're done and it holds up perfectly. Make a glass to go with brunch or make mom an Orange Julius at home - here's the Orange Julius recipe we found online. Inspiration below...

If you're inspired to create an authentic French breakfast at home, then definitely read this classic 'Slumber Party' post here.

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This is the exact Black + Decker Juicer and it has over 3,000 reviews which is SO important. Shop it here for $18.99, plus Free shipping if you're Amazon Prime. Woo hoo!

So much more fun than pouring a glass of store bought OJ, right? But how much work is it to make one glass of delicious fresh squeezed Orange Juice?

 This is a small glass, but the perfect amount and this was made after squeezing 1 large orange. It's also so much more budget friendly than what you'll pay for a glass of fresh OJ at a store or restaurant which can easily be $5-$6 a glass.

Hope this helps! More 'Slumber Party' secrets to help make life easier from sunrise to sunset and especially while you sleep. Shop our full collection of vegan, luxe satin pillowcases for hair, skin and lashes below.

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