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What is it Really Like to Try Trunk Club? Our Visit to the Dallas Club House

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Have you heard of Trunk Club?

I did while living in San Francisco nearly five years ago and thought it was a clothing subscription service for guys who needed fashion help or just didn't have the time to shop. So they received a monthly trunk with really cool shipping boxes in the mail. Fast forward to 2017 when I met Heather, a stylist for Trunk Club, at a women's business networking event in Dallas, Texas. If you've ever been curious about Trunk Club (which is definitely for women too) or want to check out one of the Trunk Club club houses around the country, keep is my totally unbiased review of Trunk Club.

Welcome to the Club House in Dallas. If you live in Dallas, Boston, Charleston, Chicago, Washington DC, LA or NYC, you can visit a Club House in person. After filling out an online profile of your style preferences, your stylist will actually go to Nordstrom (which bought Trunk Club in 2014) and pick out a rack of clothes you can try on when you visit. You can buy what you like, and simply leave what doesn't work for you. Here's why the 'Nordstrom owns Trunk Club factor' was a HUGE selling point with me.

Coffee Confession: Quick coffee at Mudsmith on Greenville St. in Dallas before my Trunk Club appointment. I LOVE Nordstrom and I trust it. I always knew when I started my business, Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases for hair, skin and lashes I wanted to keep my return policy and customer service as close to Nordstrom's as possible. When I learned Trunk Club was owned by Nordstrom, I felt an immediate sense of ease about visiting the Club House and not feeling pressured into buying the rack of clothes, or if I got home after purchases feeling as if I couldn't return them.

The Club House Experience - My stylist, Heather, rolled out a rack into the gorgeous fitting room area. The Dallas Club House is huge, bright, decorated exactly how I'd want my dream apartment and doesn't feel stuffy or drab like a normal department store fitting room. It also was nice to have one-on-one attention from Heather. She asked more questions about the pieces I was trying on for future styling rather than saying, "Oh, that looks so cute on you, you should totally get it." She was still complimentary, but not fake which was refreshing to feel like I was getting a celebrity stylist experience that was actually going to enhance my wardrobe.

Trying New Styles Thanks to Trunk Club. The night before my styling session, I was thinking, 'Do I really need help picking out my clothes or shopping assistance from Trunk Club?' However, I ended up trying shades and styles I would never choose on my own. It opened my eyes to the newest trends of the season and fun ways to style pieces I have at home with new pieces Heather had picked out for me. Like these olive pants were something I'd never try myself, but I actually loved them and the quality. I left feeling more confident and excited to shop with Trunk Club more.

What Did I Buy? I loved quite a few pieces and shoes and went home purchasing this white and baby pink feminine Madewell striped top. The pale pink skinny pants were great too, but I had similar ones at home I wore on a recent trip to Magnolia Market in Waco. I also found myself shopping in Nordstrom a couple weeks later after being inspired by some of the pieces I tried on that day at Trunk Club.

What I LOVE - Trunk Club is not a subscription service so you only receive a Trunk when you request it monthly, quarterly or for special events. It's also a major bonus your stylist will send you a link ahead of time so if there are pieces you know you don't want, you can tell her not to send them. Then you can try on your Trunk and decide what you want to buy once you receive it. I think this would be an ideal gift especially with Mother's Day coming soon. Or for a college student entering the work force for the first time (they do men's custom tailoring as well), or a way to always keep your wardrobe feeling fresh and adding confidence especially in the workforce.
What I Wished - As a bargain hunter checking out sales on Nordstrom often and Nordstrom Rack, I do wish sale items could be included so I could buy more pieces, although you can enter what price ranges you're comfortable with and your stylist will shop within your budget. Overall, I highly recommend Trunk Club (especially if you live in a city with a Club House) and it is clearly for men and women of all ages. You can work with my Stylist, Heather, who was amazing by going to this link. Here's a link to the FAQ

Thanks for reading! -xo


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