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What is Slow Living and Why is it a Hot Trend for 2023?

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What is Slow Living? 

The idea of 'slow living' is being intentional about making your life a priority and not getting bogged down with energy-zapping activities that leave you feeling stressed. Although the trend has blown up on Tik-Tok in 2023, perhaps staying away from Tik-Tok and social media could be part of what is 'slow living for you.' 

Our minimalist living room featuring our limited edition Joanna Czech X Savvy Sleepers 100% pure silk eye mask is seen above. What is 'Slow Living' to you? We have a few ideas to help your 'Slow Living' groove grow in 2023, if you haven't started already.

A few ideas to incorporate 'Slow Living'

1. Slow Reading - Starting and finishing a book or project. Don't rush, and steering clear of screen time before bed is best. We highly recommend reading books the old-fashioned way, then when you're really nice and sleepy, put on our Joanna Czech X Savvy Sleepers pure silk eyemask. 

2. Slow Fashion & Textiles - Rather than buying 'fast fashion' trends that you discard after one season, taking the approach of quality over quantity is the slow living way. This is also why our satin pillowcases vote 'most durable' by Women's Health magazine make our pillowcases a top buy over silk which can be destroyed or damaged after one wash.

3. Slow Eating - You may know this trend as a foodie one the past decade. But taking the time to cook and prepare foods you love is part of 'slow living' rather than buying fast food. 

Have you taken to the 'slow living' trend? Let us know what you love about this lifestyle change?

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