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Your Little Black Dress for Quarantine 2020

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Do you remember when life was so different a couple months ago? Now, your main excitement might be binge-watching Tiger King in the evenings and heading to the front door of your house or apartment for packages or food delivery in the AM.
Before you can open the door, you must remember gloves, sanitizer etc.
There are so many steps now to do simple tasks you took for granted. If you do have to leave the house at some point, it's recommenced to change once you're home. Our Savvy Little Black Dress launched a few years ago and is the ideal garment for 'stay at home' activities. Literally 'for life's less glamorous moments,' whether it's running around the house getting your kids ready to 'home school' them, nursing a new baby or even at the end of night if you want to try a new at home tanning lotion. We'll explain below...
For mothers-to-be or nursing moms, the straps easily adjust down to help make it easy to feed your baby without stretching out. The ultra-soft stretch material is not too thin, but also forgiving with our Savvy Sleepers logo and premium satin embroidered in front. 
Test those beauty products that have been collecting dust in your medicine cabinet. If you've been waiting to try a tanning lotion or skin creme, step into your Savvy LBD (machine washable) and all black so you don't have to worry about make up or tanning lotion stains. Try a tanning gel, foam or lotion you've been wanting to try - we recommend applying with a mit like shown above. Our Savvy LBD is available in 3 sizes online only. Our full collection of premium satin pillowcases to upgrade your beauty sleep are shown below. Our satin pillowcases are machine washable with a bonus secret pocket.  
How have you been spending your days at home? 

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