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3 Beauty Hacks to Know in Zurich this Summer!

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3 Beauty Hacks to Know in Zurich

There's no shame in admitting that when you moved to Zurich, one person you missed most was your trusted hair stylist. From the salon to your makeup drawer, if you've ever felt frazzled finding your groove in the beauty department here Switzerland, we have 3 ‘Beauty Hacks’ to save you time, stress and split ends.


  1. Don’t Let Damaged Hair Get You Down (pic via)

It’s moments like a bad hair day when your girlfriends come in handy. If you love a woman’s hairstyle or color walking around Zurich, ask for her local stylist’s digits asap. More importantly, if you're tired of playing the converter game with your US hairdryer, update that bad boy before it burns out and fries your locks. I learned that lesson the hard way which is why we recommend the Swiss site for all electronics you may need. For great blond highlights, we love Toni & Guy in Zug and Pedro Sanchez salon in Zurich.

**We bought the Babyliss 6670E Le Pro 2200 and our hair was smoother with far less frizz after one week.


  1. Where to Go When Your Toes Need Some TLC (pic via)

We hope you weren't addicted to a weekly mani/pedi before moving to Zurich, because it's a pricy habit. We've become a pros our own nails now, but getting pampered with a ‘real’ pedi every now and then is something we all deserve.

**Footlounge by LABO Spa has a quick pedicure - 30 min ($60) on the menu with friendly service and everything you'd expect including a huge collection of OPI shades, plus complimentary coffee, tea and chocolate. Needless to say, our feet were very happy after one visit.


  1. What to Do if Your Makeup Bag is Bone Dry

Is your favorite moisturizer or go-to foundation on its last pump? If you’re going through a forced cosmetic detox, there’s a few ways to get your fix and favorite products. After being backed up in a beauty corner without a CVS in sight, I tried a few Mary Kay products for my first time and loved them. Our top MK recommendations are the Oil-Free Makeup Remover, Satin Hands and the Brow Definer pencil. Visit this page (both in English and German) if you'd like to order.

**Of course to restock your absolute must-haves, there is a Sephora in the Carrefour Shopping Center just over the border in France.

Cheers to a healthy glow and painted toes this summer in Zurich! Interested in our anti-aging luxury satin pillow cases? We offer FREE shipping throughout Switzerland from our Zurich headquarters and you'll receive your order within 5 business days. Shop the Collection Here.

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