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Weekend Slumber Party at Texas Tulips! 3 Tips to Visit a U-Pick Flower Farm with a Toddler

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Texas Tulips is a U-Pick tulip field in North Texas located in Pilot Point - a tiny town that transforms into an instagram-snapping mecca for the past few years since opening. Our founder, Dale Janée, visited last weekend with her family and has a step-by-step guide to visiting a U-Pick flower field, especially if you're taking a baby or toddler. Here are her tips accessorized in a NEW! Savvy Scrunchie of course. Shop our full collection of anti-aging vegan satin pillowcases which are ultra-smooth for hair, skin and lashes here.

Be ready to see spot-on blow outs and photo shoots all over the tulip field. We saw bloggers, instagram snaps and family portraits being snapped everywhere at Texas Tulips. We shared our top tips for capturing amazing photos at a U-Pick flower field earlier this week here.

There are acres of tulips in long rows with hundreds of people as we visited last Sunday. But if you want to snap a pic in front of a certain tulip shade, you may need to wait your turn. The tulip field was packed and only open about 6 weeks a year for the Spring tulip season so check the website first to make sure it's open before you drive out to Pilot Point.

Dale Janée mixed high-low with casual pineapple print Keds, white high-waisted jeans from Target, and a simple summery top in a mustard shade she just scored at Walmart. Now on to the tips if you're heading to Texas Tulips with kids. We took our 15-month-old in a stroller, but don't recommend it as the rough terrain made it tough to push and it's so close to the parking lot, a stroller isn't needed for a quick trip.

It's a great place for a family outing, but keep in mind the entrance fee for Texas Tulips is $5 per person (including kids) and tulips are $2.50 each so when our 3-year-old sprinted to her favorite shade - pink - we followed closely as she quickly picked three tulips that were far too short. Tip- other U-pickers told us to pull the tulip as close to the root as possible so they last longer. There are signs reminding you that 'you pick, you buy' so too many bad picks can add up to a pricey bouquet.

Woah, woah, woah! We were too late by the time she snapped this one off, but after teaching her the proper way, we pulled a few out together from the root and she was so excited! Tip - Especially in the hot, Texas sun (even in March) we don't recommend a long, drawn out photo shoot with kids. Snap a couple cute family photos, pick a bouquet and there is a FREE hay maze for kids to play on closer to the check out stands which she loved!

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Texas Tulips provides complimentary wicker baskets that are country-chic photo props and ideal to lay your tulips down flat - as any tulip lover knows they are a delicate flower.

Once you check out - the Texas Tulips staff adds a special gel (not edible) so make sure your toddler doesn't get it in her eyes or mouth. The gel helps protects your tulips for the ride home keeping them hydrated. Texas Tulips' bulbs from the Netherlands and we noticed how much better they held up compared to those tiny bouquets you find in your local super market.

Once you're home, you can see the gel keeping your tulips hydrated. We opened both bouquets, trimmed them and placed the tulips in fresh water...

Our Texas Tulips in full bloom at home. We tried to cut them down, as many were so short. Our 3-year-old was so proud and enjoyed the afternoon painting and talking about her day picking flowers.


We highly recommend visiting Texas Tulips (it was started by a family from the Netherlands!) if you're in the area as the 6-week season flies by faster than you can say 'tulip'. Have a great weekend and shop our full collection of Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases below - our satin is 100% vegan and ultra-smooth for hair, skin and lashes. For more about if silk and satin pillowcases are vegan, click here.

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