5 Ways You May Be Causing Hair Damage While Showering

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Tired of seeing your hair go down (or clog up) the shower drain? If you're trying to take better care of your hair, drop the loofah until you've read this post. Here are 5 ways you may be causing hair damage while showering and right after without even knowing it...
1. Not using a Hair Mask
Most stylists recommend using a hair mask at least once a week which can help strengthen hair and repair damage more than an everyday conditioner. **Consult with your stylist about the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair, then try a sample at the salon before buying. WARNING: We were talked into buying a full size private label shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask at a local Dallas salon which we hated after the first wash at home. It made our hair feel lifeless and dull. But we were stuck with it.

2. Using a Cotton Towel to Dry Wet Hair
You shower and apply a hair mask, then wait a 5 minutes before hopping in the shower again to rinse. Sound familiar? Using cotton towels to dry wet hair before a mask and after can cause extreme hair breakage. It's better to use a gentle microfiber towel which can help protect your hair. We love Aquis.

3. Washing with Hot Water
If you love extremely hot showers, wash your bod first while protecting your hair under a shower cap. Enjoy your hot shower keeping your hair dry, then turn down the heat to wash and condition your hair with cooler/warm water which help protects the cuticles and additional damage.

4. Being too Aggressive
Ultra-aggresive hair washing can cause breakage and hair loss. Ever look down and seen a pile of hair in your drain? Think of how your hair is washed at a salon by a stylist or at a blow dry bar and try to emulate that gentle touch instead of pulling and over-washing.

5. Brushing Wet Hair
You hop out of the shower and have 20 minutes to get ready, blow dry your hair and get out of the house. Don't rush the brush. Being too rough brushing wet tangled hair can cause breakage. Gently start from the bottom of your locks moving up toward your roots.

BONUS: Protect your Hair after the Shower
Cotton pillowcases can cause damage and breakage to hair. Our Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases are the highest quality satin and ultra-smooth to allow hair to glide across protecting your locks from breakage and split ends. If you often wake up with strands of hair on your pillow, we highly recommend our satin pillowcases. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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