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How to Protect Your Hair on a Tropical Vacay (From the Beach to the Hotel)

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If a beach vacay may be on the horizon and already on your Google calendar, don't let your upcoming getaway destroy your hair. Here are 3 savvy solutions to real customer confessions so you can enjoy the beach without damaging breakage. Our satin pillowcases are pure satin which are ultra-smooth and help protect your hair, skin & lashes from damage that can be caused by cotton pillowcases. But do you need them on the beach?...We'll explain

Q. Cheap Blow Dryer Confession
'We stayed in a beautiful hotel, but I used the cheap little hotel hair dryer all weekend and it fried my hair.'

A. Savvy Solution: Gotta Bring Your Own

Always pack your own blow dryer. Old or cheap hotel blow dryers can cause extreme heat damage and breakage after just one session. Experts recommend that top quality hair dryers include 1875 watt power, ceramic and ionic technology, a cool shot button, and an ALCI safety plug so to bring your own.


Q. Fake Hair Confession!
'I want to get hair extensions for my wedding, but we'll be spending 2 weeks on the beach for the honeymoon. How can I protect my extensions in the ocean?'

A. Savvy Solution: Clip-Ins for the Win
Unfortunately, most brands do not recommend going in the ocean with extensions. Salt water is damaging and dehydrating to extensions making them extra tangled. Ugh! Consider clip in extensions which you can wear when needed, then simply remove before you hit the beach.

Q. Hotel Confession!
'I seriously love Savvy Sleepers so much! Unfortunately I have left them at hotels. I am the worst.'

Savvy Solution: Bold Shades that Don't Blend In
We often hear of customers traveling with their Savvy Sleeper to avoid that crunchy feel of thick, starched hotel cotton pillowcases below their hair and lashes that can cause damage. Travel with a shade (like Rendezvous Blu shown above or Serenity) that you won't forget and housekeeping won't accidentally take during turn-down service.

While traveling we always recommend our pure satin pillowcases available in Standard, King & Travel Size which are ultra-smooth for hair, skin & eyelashes. Shop the collection below. Satisfaction guaranteed...


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