9 Healthy Diet Secrets from Spain (That Feel Like You're Cheating)

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Well, 2016 is more than officially here and the 'New Year, New You' segments have just about worn out their welcome in the media. However, resolutions like 'eating healthier' and 'losing weight' don't have to be as boring as counting calories or nibbling on a combo of no-fat, no-sugar, no-taste bland foods. We're luxury satin pillow case experts, not nutritionists, but we wanted to share a few diet secrets we've noticed in Spain that seem to work very well.

After traveling to Majorca a few seasons, we're here to share some seriously delicious 'healthy eating' secrets to make 2016 sexier than ever because you can enjoy rich foods without cheating on your 'healthy eating' goals. The Spanish island just a few hours from Ibiza has some seriously delicious dishes.

We're here to spill them (pics courtesy of Savvy Senior) and how these diet tricks can keep you slimmer than ever this year without squeezing into a Kardashian style waist-slimmer. These photos are all meals from Majorca that will have you drooling, and also have us more inspired than ever to eat healthier in 2016...


1. Convert Your Meals into Tapas Size Portions - Yes, they're meant to be ordered in multiples, but there is truly something cute and calorie-friendly about serving meals on tiny tapas size plates. You can fill up the plate with a slice of a baguette and palm size serving of salad for a perfect snack.


2. Do Dessert Like This - Make a mini dessert with just a single small scoop of ice-cream (or even better - Sorbet). We found this Stainless Steel Norpro tablespoon sized scooper on Amazon that will make perfectly round scoops of the Sorbet compared to a 500 Calorie mega scoop at Coldstone Creamery.


3. Don't Get Hung Up on Labels - Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, etc etc. If you are just trying to eat healthier in general, don't get too hung up on labels and just try a mix of clean, fresh, organic foods (no more bag salad) and see what you like!



4. Check Out Your Local Farmer's Market - Skip the weekend 'Bottomless Champagne Brunch' that can rack up the calories with waffles, bacon, French toast, and you name it! Check out your local farmer's market instead and stock up on fresh fruits and veggies for the week.



5. Sea Salt Flakes are So Money - There's nothing like shaking up the salt shaker with flakes. Sea salt flakes are a staple in Majorca on salads like the Caprese salad, peppers and more. The texture and flavor is amazing and while we loved the flavored flakes in Spain, these Malden Sea Salt Flakes will do! They are sold on Amazon and at Whole Foods.



6. Do Dessert....With a Partner - There are so many amazing tapas sized desserts in Majorca with caramel, chocolate and more. If you are a dessert lover, go for it, but share it with someone else. You instantly split you calories in half.



7. Stop Making Boring Salads - Lettuce, croutons and dressing can get boring SO fast. But salads are a great trick to eat as a meal for a light dinner. The key is to add a huge variety of low-calorie, yummy veggies and toppings that are filling and eye-pleasing. Like this one with cherry tomatoes, a lettuce mix, walnuts, fresh goat cheese, vinegar, oil and vinegar & more.


8. How to Eat Bread without Butter - Almost every restaurant in Majorca serves delicious fresh sliced bread with an aoli type dip and green olives. NO BUTTER. Dipping bread at home in oil and balsamic is also a great calorie saver. Slice a tiny baguette (a couple pieces per person) and dip them in high quality olive oil & vinegar instead of butter. It's a perfect shortcut for carb-lovers like ourselves.


9. Limes & Avocados are SO Clutch! - Not just for guac, avocados are perfect on toast, in salads and so much more! Also, skip soda and start drinking sparkling water or H20 with a splash of cranberry juice garnished with lime. A lime can make any low-cal beverage look and taste more fun. Although for a true tropical escape, we highly recommend a vacay in Majorca. The best time to visit is May - Sept.



Hope these tips help! Cheers to a happy and healthy new year. 2016 is already flying by and we hope you're sleeping your best each night on our luxe satin pillow cases.


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