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How Often Should You Wash Your Satin Pillowcase?

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How often did you change your sheets as a teen, in college, in your 20's, in your 30's, etc? Of course the answer can vary, or maybe your mom did your laundry until recently hehe. We know everyone is on their own laundry schedule, but we know the importance of washing your pillowcase. Especially if you're dealing with sensitive skin or acne which can make washing even more important. We are also big fans of detergent like Persil and Arm & Hammer which make great formulas specifically for sensitive skin.

Our satin pillowcase collection is machine washable, unlike silk pillowcases which often need to be hand washed. Being able to machine wash your linens and pillowcases is a huge convenience saving you time and the hassle of needing to hand wash or take your pillowcases to the dry cleaner. See our post on the difference between silk, satin and sateen pillowcases here.


Savvy Sleepers Wash Instructions as seen on our Nappuccino Standard size satin pillowcase above. Made with pure polyester - 100% vegan. Our satin is the highest quality and a luxe satin much heavier and more luxurious that other satin pillowcases you see online.


Machine Wash Cold / Tumble Dry Low


We recommend washing your Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcase weekly or when you wash your sheets. You can tumble dry or air dry if you prefer. Washing your satin pillowcases regularly with your sheets is also fine if they are similar colors. If you have any questions, just email or leave a comment below. Shop our full collection of anti-aging satin pillowcases below.


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